Brahmaputra River

Q) Which Of The Following River Flows Through Different Countries?

Ans: c) the Brahmaputra



                                       Ø  It flows through india,china and Bangladesh
Ø  It is known as various names in the region jamuna river in Bangladesh
Ø  Its origin in the angsi glacier located on the northern side of the Himalayas in Tibet
Ø  It is the length of 2900 km
Ø  Tributaries:
ü  Left:
v Dibang river
v Lohit river
v Dhansri river
v Kolong river
ü  Right:
v Kameng river
v Manas river
v Raidak river
v Jaldhaka river
v Teesta river
v Subansiri river

Q) Which Bank Of River The Famous Temple Hampi Located?

a) Godavari
b) Krishna
c) Tungabhadra
d) Kaveri

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